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Frequently Asked Questions

What are group medical visits?
  • Join like-minded people for weekly meetings where you learn about physical  and emotional health.
  • Connect with a naturopathic physician to work long term wellness goals.
  • Gather for support and acceptance in a group medical visit with physician guided learning.

Weekly meetings are based on the group's unique wants and needs, as determined by the group. These groups can provide ongling suport for months to years, as needed by the members of the group Once monthly you have the option to meet one-on-one with the doctor to discuss your healthcare. 

By meeting regularly, you can take deep dives into your health and create lasting change. 

"Experience transformation with an accepting community at reSTART"

What is the structure of a group medical visit?

Meet with your group and our healthcare provider for 1 hour:

  • First 5 minutes saying hi and checking in with one another.
  • 50 minute discussion on group topic.
  • 5 minutes to close group and say goodbye.
  • If you are seen by the physician, you will be pulled out of the group for 5-10minutes during the discussion portion of the group..
Benefits of group visits?
  • Fun! These groups are an opportunity to make health fun and engaging.
  • Education: Empower yourself to understand your health conditions, be active in your healthcare journey, and learn with peers.
  • Community. Build meaningful connections with peers and dive deep into share experiences. Create lasting relationships.
  • Support. Be part of a safe space with real conversation.
  • Naturopathic Psychiatry. Connect regularly with a physician to work on physical and mental health goals. 
  • Break down barriers to health. Overcome obstacles and reach your fullest health potential. 
What groups do we offer?

Day & Time: Thursdays at 6:30pm, beginning February 22, 2022 
Who you are: Adults who are curious about technology use and sustainability, including the physical and mental health issues that may be related.
Group Format: Virtual, pending COVID developments and group preference
Sustainable Tech: A group focusing on sustainable technology use in our overly digital world. If you find yourself spending more time lost in the digital world, and less time grounded in the physical world with people around you, this group is for you! Spending too much time with tech can cause disruptions in nutrition, sleep, movement and more. It can also present challenges in interpersonal relationships and exacerbate feelings of anxiety and depression.

In this group we will look at how technology impacts our physical and emotional health. We will explore ways to press pause on our devices and engage in the world around us. We want this group to meet your needs, so we will be taking direction from you, the participants, as to what you would like to learn and discuss!

In the coming months we will be expanding this program, so check back to see what additional group opportunities we have added.

What else do you get with membership?

Walk ‘n Talk, Doc
Each Friday morning you and other clients can meet with one of the Naturopathic Doctors to walk and talk. During this time, you direct the conversation. It’s a chance for you to ask questions and have a casual conversation about anything that's on your mind, all while getting your body moving and enjoying some fresh air.Once monthly, these walks are open to the public. During these weeks, feel free to bring a friend along for the walk.

Health Information Resources
With monthly membership you will also have access to our health information database. Our physicians are continually adding to our database with informational handouts, articles on relevant topics, links to interesting articles, and links to other helpful resources.

How does this work?

Step 1: Have your initial visit with one of our naturopathic physicians.
Step 2: Join the group medicine program.
Step 3: Show up!

Click the link below to schedule your initial visit today!

Have more questions?

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